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We’ve designated September 18th as “Hug A Greeting Card Writer” Day!  Get involved by checking out the creative spark behind it & entering the new contests—all designed to have you hug a greeting card writer!

A Toronto reviewer compares stilted dialogue  to “spouting greeting card sentiments in forced & awkward rhyme...”  Of course, Sandra put her 2 cents in—and quite a spirited email exchange ensued.  You won’t want to miss next month’s Word For Word! 


September 18th has hereby been designated as HUG A GREETING CARD WRITER DAY.  Greeting card writers provide the words that we send at all life’s most basic, personal moments. Whether everyday occasions  or seasonals , we are the folks who furnish the sentiments that most people are unwilling—or unable—to say for themselves to someone dear.  Greeting card writers are generally anonymous—and often under-appreciated, yet our words are present in every nook and cranny of America.  As such, the least we deserve is a once-a-year-hug!   Click on the "September 18 DAY" to your left to find out more about this exciting day and the events we're sponsoring surrounding it.

WELCOME to the only website exclusively devoted to the absolutely fantastic, creative world of Greeting Card Writing!   


NEXT UP...(Click here to get the most recent scoop on Sandra's long-awaited next edition of her best-selling book on greeting card writing.  And thanks to everyone who has emailed!)


NEXT UP...(Updated February 5, 2009—The FAMOUS Tipsheet)  is Sandra’s most-requested document (after her book on greeting card writing) and has now been revised, streamlined and ready to view.  First introduced on the Writers Write™ Message Board, the FAMOUS Tipsheet™ is an easy way to gather greeting card know-how and writing advice.  We even include a selected list of publishers to get you in gear and motoring toward your goals, as well as an  abbreviated section on where to find smaller and mid-size card companies.  


NEWER(Updated January 12, 2009.  FAQtual Info Just For You!)  We’ve had a name change from “Just The FAQS” to “FAQtual Info Just For You.”  There’s no change, however, in the down-to-earth practical answers given to questions Sandra’s received from countless readers.  Here is the newest sampling to keep you up-to-date on the ins and outs of greeting card writing.


NEWUPDATED April 14, 2009  Word For Word Two note cards arrive months apart.  One comes from Atlanta, anonymously written.  The other is from Louisiana, printed in pencil.  One brings tears to my eyes; the other brings a smile to my face.  Catch a glimpse into the world of a greeting card writer’s correspondence by reading this month’s Word For Word.


NEW((Updated January 23, 2009) Under The White Hot Spot!  Nurses Day can be traced back to 1953, but even before that could be found congratulatory cards specifically aimed at graduating nurses.  We located such a card in an antique store. The quaint artwork and verse harken back to what some term “a simpler time.”  Click above to see an early salute to our nation’s healers in our ever-popular, Under The White Hot Spot.


ASAP!(Updated 10/22/06) Headlines and By-lines We'd like to share some of the headlines and bylines Sandra's had through the years, both present and past.  This current update includes two headlines...the first from a "phone book quiz" published in an Island newspaper and the second from an interview Sandra gave to a major in-flight magazine. Amassing this info will take some time, so bear with us...and enjoy the  tour!


COMING SOMETIME...(Updated 02/20/06) Getting To Know You , as its name suggests, is about the people...all those terrific people whose creative contributions mean so much.  Sandra will interview people just like you--or maybe just like you hope to be one day--a working, "getting paid" greeting card writer.


NEW (Updated 04/01/06) The Files of Sandra Louden have now been opened for you, dear reader, to provide you with that extra dose of inspiration!  Read what others have had to say about their experiences with Sandra!

Who is Sandra Louden?  Sandra Miller Louden has been a working greeting card writer and author  for the last 23 years. She's conceived this website as a place to connect with writers and those who wish to learn about greeting cards and other short, do-able types of writing.

What can you hope to learn from this site? Sandra's goals are specific and totally geared to helping new--and seasoned--writers attain publication in the world of greeting card writing.  So, put your preconceived notions and long-held myths aside, as you learn about today's creative  realities in the modern greeting card market.

Click here for " Sandra's Scrapbook" 

--from her appearance on  

"The John Walsh Show"




Harriet says:                                            Harry says:

"Curiosity killed the cat,                                              Quit hugging me, you silly woman...

but satisfaction brought her back!"                           ...don’t you know I’m a lion in disguise?

Satisfy your curiosity by checking out what’s inside...and remember to hug a greeting card writer—or a lion—today.  Whomsoever you encounter first.


Check out the Products Page for Write Well and Sell: Greeting Cards and A Few Choice Words: Short, "Do-Able" Writing That Sells, as well as BRAND-NEW Booklets & Posters--- with more to come !

Sandra poses with her in-home racks of greeting card spinners!

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