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 My website has been going strong since June 2001 and I've gotten many positive comments on it.  I've tried to make my site reader-friendly, down-to-earth and as one-on-one as possible.  I'm still very much a "one woman show" and I think that's apparent in the features and interaction I have with my readers, students and visitors to the site. 

I'd like to share some of the comments with you--not only for the site, but some general ones as well.



"Saw your website for potential greeting card writers and was interested because I'm retired and want to still keep on working at something worth-while.  I have enrolled in your 6 week course...Thank you for the opportunity to learn the craft!"
Phil Shook
"I've been reading your website and feel that it can help me tremendously.  I am also going to order your book and see about the online class.  Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and resources."
Hamilton, TX

Hi Sandra,

Enjoyed checking out your site and am about to put my feet up and read through your tips. Just wished to ask if you ship to the UK and if so how much would I need to allow for shipping?

Thank you.

Ros Tregellis


Hi Sandra,
It's wonderful that you are a greeting card writer.  Even though I don't know you personally, you are the only person who I've heard of who does just that.  How did you get started?  What inspired you to do the writing and mainly getting accepted with greeting card companies?
I've always loved writing, reading and books.  Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Beverly A. Gonsalves             


hello Sandra,
I have come across your name many times as I strive to learn more about the greeting card business.  By the way, from what I have been told, your book "Write well and sell" is out of printing.  I have not been able to locate it.  [Sandra's Note:  You can order my best-selling book on greeting card writing by clicking on the Order My Books link on the Home Page].
Frank Marino

Dear Sandra, 

I just wanted to tell you what a great website you have. I currently found out the recruiting in the high tech business was not for me and am looking for alternatives for supplying my income. As I checked out your website, I saw how informative, clear and simple your explanations were. I was also impressed by the generous amount of information you gave to someone who is looking for good information. I hope you donít mind the compliments, but also what you have done with your business was also very impressive. Itís good to see that good people have good products and services out there. 


Oscar Quinones, Jr.

"I've read dozens of websites and yours was to the point!  Writing has been both a job and a hobby, now I am ready to turn it into my life's work.  After September 11th we all want to focus on those we love and doing something we love! 

--Betsy Wegner


"I've explored every shelf, every knick-knack of your site, and I need to tell you I'm impressed and not a little delighted. Thank you, Sandra, for a friendly and informative place from which to jump into piles of salable words."

--Judith Carpenter Sloan 

"Awesome! Yer the best!  Thanks--and good luck!"

-- "Spinerock"

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