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IN AS MUCH AS:  Greeting card writers provide the words we send at all life’s most basic, personal moments.

IN AS MUCH AS: Whether everyday occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, get well, friendship, new home, new job, engagements, weddings, new baby, bon voyage, congratulations,  thank you, miss you, sympathy, please write, sorry I haven’t written, etc.) or seasonals (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Father’s Day, Hanukkah, Passover, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Patriot’s Day, etc), we are the folks who furnish the sentiments that most people are unwilling—or unable—to say for themselves to someone dear.

 IN AS MUCH AS:  Greeting card writers are generally anonymous—and often under-appreciated and are generally thought to write sappy, uninspiring poetry on the level of Mother Goose.

 IN AS MUCH AS: The words of greeting card writers are present in every nook and cranny of America...every home, many stores, every heart...

 IN AS MUCH AS:  We’ve come to a new appreciation of what greeting card writers across the country—and around the world—provide, we have decreed that September 18th be set aside for the deep, abiding appreciation of the heartfelt, witty, poignant, inspiring, necessary words greeting card writers supply—and have continually supplied for over two centuries.  

 THUS, as September 18th is formally set aside as Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day, and in recognition and celebration of this day, the following events are planned, with their details following. 

Write As If Your Heart Depended Upon It!

(MAY 1 – JUNE 15)

 We’re warming up with a greeting card writing contest sponsored by for those over 21.


 Kids Say—& Draw—The Cleverest Things!

(JUNE 16 – JULY 31)

 The kids are bored already, so let’s rev up their summer by having them write, draw and color, a greeting card idea (both visual and verse) of their very own.  Two age groups/categories here: 6-10 and 11-14.

 Just Between Teens!


 Next, it’s time to hear from the junior high, high school and college set.  Here we require a quotation and a related verse to that quotation.  Two age groups/categories here:  15-17 and 18-20.


All winners announced and prizes awarded.  Also, as part of the celebration, all participants in the contest are asked to buy (or make) a greeting card and send it to anyone they choose.


We will be coming out with various information, reference and tip sheets that are free and only require a #10 SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope).

 The series will be as follows:

 1.   “10 Steps to Writing an Effective Greeting Card Sentiment”  which will be available beginning May 1, 2009 until June 15th 2009.

 2.  “The 10 Most Helpful Websites for a Greeting Card Writer” which will be available beginning June 16th 2009 until July 31st 2009.

 3.  “The Top 10 Ways to Pick Yourself Up (and Dust Yourself Off!) after Rejection” which will be available beginning August 1st 2009 until September 10th 2009.

 Rules for Entering the Contests:

 1.  There is a limit of 10 entries per person in your respective category.  Entries may be emailed or sent via the post office, with the exception of the Kids Say—& Draw—The Cleverest Things! which must be mailed through the post office.  No email attachments will be opened. 

 2.  Emailed entries should be addressed to:  Postal entries:  Sandra Miller-Louden, P.O. Box 485, Grantsville, MD 21536.  Entries submitted through the post office will not be returned, so keep a spare copy.

 3.  A charge of 50 cents per verse submitted is required.  This charge is non-refundable and covers the cost of the prizes. Any additional money left over will be given to charity, divided between two causes:  Animal Friends of Pittsburgh PA ( and Denis Leary’s FireFighters Foundation ( 

 4.  Payment should accompany submission of verses; electronically to via Paypal or if submitting via the post office, personal check, money order or cash.  Maximum amount permitted:  $5.00.

 5.  All entries are judged by veteran greeting card writer, Sandra Miller-Louden, and all decisions are final.  All creative entries are the sole property of the original writer/creator.    Winners—and their creative entries—will be announced and posted Friday, September 18, 2009 on .

 6.  Prizes in each category (5 categories total):

            1st prize:  $20.00

            2nd prize: $10.00

            3rd prize: $5.00

 If there are insufficient or no entries in a particular category, the offered prize money will be divided between the two charities listed above.  There must be at least six individual (from different people/sources) entries per category for prize money to be awarded.

7.  All entered verses— with the exception of the Kids Say—& Draw—The Cleverest Things!—may be on a single sheet of paper or in a single email. (For both “Kids” contests, one concept—verse and drawing—must be on a single sheet of paper).  Always include your complete contact information in each email or on each sheet of paper:  Name, street address, phone # and email address.  Receipt of entries cannot be acknowledged.



 1.  Entries may be funny, poignant, heartfelt, religious or lighthearted; however, all verses must be sendable and have that vital “me-to-you” quality.  Include the occasion you have in mind for each verse (Birthday, Get Well, Sympathy, Friendship, etc.) you submit.  Both everyday occasions (the ones just mentioned) or seasonals (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, etc.) are allowed, but please keep your word count per verse to under 75 words.  Please, no X-rated copy.

 2.  If your verse depends upon a visual to get its message across, briefly describe the visual.  Also, always designate what part of your verse is meant for the outside of the card and what part for the inside.


            O:  Visual shows a forklift with a person “riding” inside as it soars to the sky.

                        No outside verse.

            I:  You give me a lift!

 3.  For the “Just Between Teens” category, the quotation should be from someone well-known and that person’s name should be included with the quotation, along with the person’s occupation.  If Biblical quotations are used, cite the book, chapter and verse and the edition of the Bible (KJV, NIV, etc.)


            O:  Everybody has a heart. Except some people.

                                                                Bette Davis

                                                                Actor, Feminist

                 I:  I behaved as if I didn’t have a heart.  Please forgive me.

 4.  Above all, have fun with the creative process.  Think about your verse—and who might buy it to send to someone else—and why!  Good luck and if you have further questions, email: .

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.                                                                        

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