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Hello All—

Please excuse this one-size-fits-most reply to the many, many emails I’ve received regarding the update on my popular greeting card writing book, Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards.  First, thank you...thank you...thank you so much for your nice emails inquiring about this book, which has proven to sell beyond my wildest imagination over the past decade.  The interest in my original book—and its upcoming 2nd edition—has been phenomenal.

First, I am aware of the escalated price of my first edition on various websites, including Amazon and eBay.  This first edition is still valid, but having been written in 1998, is sorely in need of an update.  Throughout the various printings, I’ve tweaked it along the way, but there are still topics that should be included for 2009 writers, topics not even on the radar screen 11 years ago.  So, unless you’re desperate for a copy, I’d ask you to hold off buying it...

...because, I have very good news.  Although we are still in the contract phase, I am negotiating with a major publisher who has accepted my book for publication.  The projected target date for its publication is September 2009.  Initially it will only be published as an ebook; however, if sales are strong, the publisher will then be willing to publish it also as a traditionally-bound book. (Another reason to hold off buying the semi-outdated, expensive first edition). 

I have to tell you that despite a few initial misgivings, I am overjoyed at this prospect.  Self-publishing has taught me much, but I have come to the point where I need an established publisher with a sterling reputation among writers to give my book the next level of exposure.  This will also free my time to do what I love—namely write, keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the greeting card industry as it relates to creative freelance contributions and above all, stay in touch in a timely fashion with all of you who have written to me.  I cherish the emails I receive, the stories you share with me, the advice you seek and turning my book over to an outside publisher will allow me, once again, to pursue those activities I love.  (My second book: A Few, Choice Words: Short Do-Able Writing That Sells is still self-published and currently available).

 Having said all that, I also understand that waiting until September is quite a stretch for some of you who are anxious for the information my book gives.  In the interim between now and then, there are several options you have.  First, I will now have more time to keep my website updated—as well as streamlined—as we’re planning a major overhaul.  Within the next few weeks, I will update the Greeting Card Writing Tip Sheet that so many people have found informative...and free.  I would invite you to totally explore my website as it has many interesting features, as well as new links I also plan to add. 

Too, as always, there are my online classes in greeting card writing. Both are run as a one-on-one experience; there are no crowded classrooms or chat room atmosphere where you must vie for attention.  You currently have two options:  my course through runs for 6 weeks and is $180 (that’s $30 per session).  My 8-session course runs approximately 3 months (one session sent every 10 days) and was formerly taught through Absolute Write; however, now, I run it directly, so I’m able to offer a $40 discount from the original price—the 8-session course is now $200 ($25 per session).  Until we get a link up on my website, simply email me ( if you’d like to enroll. (The limit is 4 students at a time).  I will consider reviving my 4-week course originally taught through BizyMoms, if there is enough interest.  Please email me for details.

Again, I am so grateful for your constant support of my work and I promise you this newest edition will be well worth your wait.   You are all so gracious when writing and I wish everyone a creative 2009.

My best always,

Sandra Miller-Louden

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