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Tell us a little about yourself- and when you started writing greeting cards.

Let's just say I've been married a long time. We have seven children between
us and one five pound Chihuahua named Yoda, who is now our baby since we have an empty nest.  I love to curl up with a good book and I adore a good cup of coffee! I'm inspired by all types of music.

I started seriously writing greeting cards in 1997 and after taking Sandra's
online class I had the confidence I needed and made my first sale to Gibson.

Why did you choose greeting card writing over other writing areas? Do you write other genres and if so, which ones?

I've always loved greeting cards and I don't think I've ever thrown one away. 
I've even saved the homemade ones my children made me when they were small.
So it seemed a good idea to try and write them. I also like because greeting
card writing is something you can do anywhere and since I'm never without pen
and paper, it just seemed a natural fit for me.

I do write other genres. I've written many personal essays and short stories
but I must admit I often keep them filed away and don't submit them as I

Tell us about how your writing day works. Do you find a particular time of day more productive than others?

I'm usually an early riser and the first thing (after coffee of course) I try
to get in some writing while I'm fresh. If the writing is not happening then
I will usually rewrite. I try to get in at least two hours a day of steady
writing if I can.

I get inspiration at different times but I have found I'm funnier at night
(at least I think so) and often write the more conventional verses in the

Do you have any brainstorming tips that you use to come up with ideas that you'd care to pass along?

I've found that perusing the card stores helps me come up ideas and with a
company's style and sometimes I will look at the outside of cards and try to
think of an inside line to go with it to see if I'm even close with theirs.
Magazines are a good place to get ideas and I've found that a change of
scenery will spark ideas. Sometimes I try writing in a different location.
That has worked for me in the past.

As a consumer, approximately how many cards do you send to friends and relatives each year?

I come from a large family. I have four brothers, three sisters and many
nieces and nephews plus a couple of friends. :> I usually buy, including
Christmas about fifty to seventy-five cards. I send a lot of cards but I also
keep many of them for myself.

Do you think of greeting cards differently now that you write them? Do you notice things about them that you never considered before?

Of course! I realize that greeting cards are really hard work from beginning
to end. I pay a lot more attention to detail now. I look at the back to see who did
the art and to see if the writer has been given credit. (rarely)

Are there any occasions or particular occasion slants you'd like to see on the racks that aren't currently there?

I think all the popular occasions the greeting card companies think will make
money are well represented.

What do you find most interesting or fun about writing greeting cards?

I love the fact that you're always writing something new with every assignment.
There's nothing as exciting as finding your first card on the racks and I love seeing the art they put with my verses.

Is there anything else you'd like to add about greeting card writing as
you've experienced it?

I would say don't take rejection personally. Keep writing and along with what
the greeting card companies want, also write what you love to write!

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