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"Do You Know Your Outer Banks?" was a quiz written while Sandra was on vacation.  Compiled mostly from facts taken from the local phone book (and later fleshed out upon returning home), Sandra approached the editor who immediately liked the unique format and eclectic mix of facts and folklore.  Although the paper had never before published a quiz, the editor decided it would make a unique addition to the island newspaper, which generally carried a balance of ads and articles.

"Miss You, Love You, Thank You" was a feature article in Attache, the in-flight magazine for U.S. Air.  In it, author Coy Barefoot interviewed senior staff writers at Hallmark and American Greetings.  For the perspective of a non in-house writer, he turned to Sandra Miller-Louden, "one of the country's most successful freelance greeting card writers."  This is a well-written, comprehensive article with plenty of insights from working writers, as well as factual sidebars on the history of greeting cards. Barefoot ends with thoughts on e-cards and the final quote of the article was Sandra's insights on e-cards vs. traditional paper cards. 


"She Writes What Sells" was the featured Talent Showcase article for the 1st Anniversary Issue (Spring 2000) of our industry's magazine, Greetings etc., which also happened to be the prestigious Stationery Show issue--the one that's handed out during the Show.  Next to Sandra's photo is the caption:  "Greeting card writer Sandra Miller-Louden shows off the LOUIE Award that Current Inc. won for a card penned by her."  Although artists are generally featured in this column, Sandra was the first writer--and to our knowledge, the only writer--ever showcased.  In it Sandra talks about her greeting card writing life and how greeting card verses have changed through the years.  The article was written by Susan Rosenthal Jay, a marketing consultant for the gift industry.



Sandra's most recent quiz is published in the March/April 2006 issue of Pennsylvania Magazine.  It's a fun, 6 page journey into the Keystone State's history--both serious and quirky and answers the lingering question:  Just exactly what kind of Pennsylvanian are you?!?!?


 A little closer to home, Sandra now has a weekly quiz entitled "Quizessential" for the McKnight Journal (Gateway Newspapers).  If you're in the area, stop by, pick one up and remember, if you're the first to email the correct answers, you'll not only know more about what's happening in Pittsburgh's North Hills, you'll be $5 richer. 


While your mind is on quizzes, why not consider taking my course on Quiz Writing through Writer's  I offer a one-week seminar OR a 4 week  course.
Read what one recent student had to write about Sandra's course on Writing Quizzes:


    Thank you for the in-depth and helpful critique [of my quiz].  I am inspired to rewrite it.  Your thoughts were very clear to me and made perfect sense....Your class has been an inspiration and has me thinking about all sorts of possibilities.  Thank you again and one way or another, I will be darkening your doorstep again."

Patty E.

We'll soon have another section on the site that talks about writing book reviews.  For now, read what a former student of Sandra's has to say about her Book Reviewing Seminar on Writer's College and be sure to click on the link below to read about her online Book Reviewing course.

Perusing [book reviewing publications] was both interesting and thought-provoking--a great hour at the library!  I also responded to [a] listserv/newsletter appeal for book reviewers.  From that reply, [an editor] contacted me and assigned a book review for September.   I've learned a valuable lesson here about marketing my previous work.  Also, I appreciate your point about staying tuned-in to watch for what might seem like obscure opportunities...and I liked the short-course approach:  good, helpful, 'cut-to-the-chase' info to immediately use.  Bravo to you and many thanks! 
Best regards,
San Diego, CA


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