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What is Manuscript Evaluation & Critiquing Service?

Manuscript Evaluation & Critiquing Service (MECS) provides people who write with needed professional feedback on their non-greeting card writing work.  MECS includes not only an overall evaluation of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses for today’s market, but also specific, targeted comments. 

 Who conducts MECS?

This is a service provided by Sandra Miller-Louden, professional writer since 1986.  Sandra’s credentials include work in such publications as A&E’s Biography, CATS, Boy’s Life, Ohio Magazine, Yankee, Greetings etc., Pennsylvania Magazine, Writer’s Digest, Poet’s Market, ByLine, Kickline—A Magazine Of The Dance, Greetings Today, The Virginian Pilot and The Ledger Star (Norfolk), Broderbund Software’s Print Shop Deluxe, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, McKnight Journal and The Island Breeze (North Carolina).  Sandra developed—and currently teaches—a number of online writing classes.

 Sandra has also helped countless students and readers sell their written work to such companies as American Greetings, Blue Mountain Arts, Andrews McMeel and Oatmeal Studios, as well as to Family Circle, Cat Fancy, Writer’s Digest, AOL Time Warner and Career Press.  Sandra’s appearance on NBC-TV’s The John Walsh Show drew positive response from across the country, as she talked about her home-based business of greeting card writing. Her work has appeared on Live!  With Regis And Kathie Lee and she has written for actress Stefanie Powers and former Miami Dolphins Quarterback Bernie Kosar. After over a decade of teaching, lecturing, conducting seminars and workshops, Sandra now offers MECS to specifically help those who write and need professional, constructive feedback on all phases of their manuscript.

 What are the Particulars of MECS?

Manuscripts must be typed and double-spaced, one side of the paper only, in one of the following fonts: Arial, Bookman Old Style or Times New RomanAll must be in 12 pitch.  Margins must be 1.5” on all sides.  Typewritten manuscripts are also accepted, following the same procedure outlined above with Pica Type.  Sandra will evaluate and critique directly on your manuscript, so please, do not send your only copy. In addition to specific comments on each page, the writer will also be given a general overview and evaluation of the work—its strong points, as well as where improvement could be made.  In some cases, Sandra may make suggestions as to where the manuscript could be marketed; although please note, she makes no claim regarding the final outcome of any critiqued manuscript.

 What is the Cost for MECS?

            è  Rates are as follows: $3.50/page, which includes partial manuscript pages.  A cover letter must be included giving the writer’s name, address, phone and/or fax, plus e-mail information, where applicable (do not include cover letter as part of critiquing fee).   Critiquing is for manuscript only.  Partial manuscripts are also critiqued; however, no outlines, synopses, proposal or query critiquing, please.

            è  There is no minimum page count (if you want to try the service first, why not only send Chapter 1); however a maximum page count of 250 is imposed. 

            è  A check made payable to: Sandra Miller-Louden must be included at the time the manuscript is sent.  Mail to:  Sandra Miller-Louden, P.O. Box 485, Grantsville, MD 21536. 

            è  An appropriately-sized Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE) must be included for return of your critiqued work; 9x12” minimum, 10x13” or larger for more pages.  No exceptions will be made on this policy.  Turn-around time is determined by backlog; about 4-6 weeks.  If MECS takes longer than six weeks, you will be notified.

            è Any specific correspondence regarding this service in advance may be directed to Sandra at the above post office box.  Please remember to include a #10 (long) self-addressed, stamped envelope for a reply.

          è Save time with e-mail. or .(Questions only; I cannot evaluate or critique online).

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