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 What is greeting card mentoring?

Greeting card mentoring is Sandra Miller-Louden’s newest addition to her already popular Verse Critiquing & Restoration Service (greeting card verses) and Manuscript Evaluation/Critiquing Service (MECS) (longer writing works).  Sandra’s contribution to the greeting card verse field goes beyond the writing of actual verses to include specific advice and coaching in this unique writing genre.  The creation of a greeting card mentoring service serves as a keystone to merge various elements of ongoing, practical knowledge in this field and provide the aspiring writer with the tools to augment her verse sales.

 Who is Sandra Miller-Louden?

Sandra has been a successful greeting card writer since 1986.  She began writing from her home using the Smith-Corona typewriter she’d had in school.  Knowing no one in the industry, but having a passion for writing and a dream of being published, she persevered.  By 1991, Sandra had developed and was teaching a greeting card writing course through a local Community College, which soon rated her course Occupational since her students consistently sold their greeting card verses.     Sandra’s greeting card work won the coveted Louie Award (the industry’s highest honor) in 1991 and was nominated again in 1992.  Her work appeared on Live!  With Regis And Kathie Lee;  in addition, she’s written verses for actress Stefanie Powers and quarterback Bernie Kosar. Sandra has been interviewed in many places, including  The National Examiner,, Metro, The Christian Science Monitor, International Radio’s Voice of America, Mslexia, The Washington Post, 801 – Columbia School of Journalism Magazine, Glamour, Parade Magazine, Ferguson’s Careers In Focus: Entrepreneurs (2nd Edition) (and again for 2009’s edition), Cartoonists’ & Illustrators’ Trade Secrets (Robin Hall), Attaché (U.S. Air), Talk Magazine, the BBC (both Radio 4 and Radio 5), Clear Channel Communication’s Valentine In The Morning Show,  The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh’s KDKA-TV, WTAE-TV, Post-Gazette, Press and Tribune-Review, Mslexia (U.K. Publication “For Women Who Write”), Aspirations: The Art of Writing (Master’s Thesis to the Graduate Faculty of Emerson College, Boston MA by Christina Chateauvert), and NBC’s The John Walsh Show.  Currently, Sandra also teaches on the Internet (, as well as teaching an in-depth 8-week greeting card course and an abbreviated 4-week course through her website,   Readers of Sandra’s books, visitors to her website and students in her classes have recognized her ability to motivate and inspire, causing writers to stretch their creativity further than they could imagine.

 What are the particulars of this service?

A mentoring relationship is one that includes advice and counsel in a positive, yet realistic manner. This advice and counsel may be in the form of answers to situations that have arisen in the writing life of the student—both professional and personal.  It may also include periodic assessments of where the student wishes to be in writing—what goals and objectives should be set and a realistic timetable for achieving them.   It is a one-on-one, personal relationship that concentrates on the student’s particular situation and the questions and concerns that arise from that situation, based on the mentor’s experience and knowledge of the field.

Based on this definition, Sandra will provide feedback, via e-mail, to specific questions regarding greeting card writing and auxiliary advice on topics including, but not limited to: maintaining focus, gathering inspiration, accepting rejection, dealing with family matters as these matters relate to one’s writing, scheduling writing time, approaching editors, finding clients, meeting deadlines, etc.

 ***Sandra will not provide the following as part of her mentoring service:  addresses of greeting card companies, specific critiquing comments on verses or answers to open-ended questions such as:  “Who should I send this verse to?,” “How do I get started?,”  “What is wrong with this verse?,” “What do you think of this verse?,”  “Can I make money in this field?,” “How do I know I’d be a good greeting card writer?” etc.  These concerns are covered elsewhere, either in her books, website, online classes or critiquing services and therefore are redundant in a mentoring relationship.***

 In addition, in order to become a mentoring client, you must have either been a former student of Sandra’s or have read her book:  Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards Please e-mail Sandra first to check on availability of this service, as she will accept only a limited number of students.

 ®  The hourly rate for mentoring is $30, payable in advance, by check or money order only (due to the nature of this service) to: Sandra Miller-Louden.  Send to:  P.O. Box 485, Grantsville MD  21536    For people outside the U.S., payment is to be made in U.S. dollars only, drawn on a U.S. Bank.  Non U.S. Residents should email Sandra first.

 ®  Include your name, address and e-mail address, printed clearly, as Sandra will notify you via e-mail when your check arrives and the mentoring process can begin.

 ®  The minimum payment is $30 (one hour); after that, please pay in increments of 30 minutes.  For example, your initial check can be for $30, $45, $60, $75, etc.  Maximum payment per individual check:  $90 (three mentoring hours).

 ®  You have one year from the date of your check to use the mentoring service you’ve contracted.  There are no refunds issued or reminders of the expiration date.  At the end of each mentoring e-mail, Sandra will provide the time used and the amount of time remaining.  It is imperative to the process that communication regarding financial concerns be clear and up-to-date.

 Mentoring and the close, one-on-one association it provides are wonderful tools that aspiring writers can use to enhance their chances for success in their field.  At crucial points in a writer’s journey toward awareness and acceptance of where innate talents lie, mentoring can be the cornerstone needed to encourage, reassure, inspire and educate.


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