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 How do online classes work?

Although some online classes use open forums, lecture and cyberspace classroom settings, Sandra Louden’s classes are taught using simple emails.  Using a predetermined sending schedule (most commonly once a week), Sandra sends each student a set of lessons, with homework.  The student has that week to complete the assignments and send them back to Sandra, via email, for feedback and commentary.  This is a unique, one-on-one personal interaction between teacher and student.

 What greeting card courses are offered online and what is their cost?

Currently Sandra offers three options. 

 4 week course offered directly through Sandra:                              $150

6 week course offered through           $180

8 session course offered directly through Sandra 1 every 10 days:   $200

Note: 8 session course (Effective 6/1/2010 $220)

 Email Sandra ( or for further registration details for the 4 or 8 week course.

 Register online for the 6 week course at:

 What is the focus of these writing courses?

The focus of all Sandra’s courses is—and always has been—writing and selling greeting card verses.  She cannot tell you what to write, but more to the point, she does teach students how to think—how successful greeting card writers must think in order to sell in today’s market.  There are targeted exercises to reinforce the information Sandra provides, based on her successful 23 year professional career in this field.  Sandra’s former students have gone on to not only sell their greeting card verses, but have started card companies and have gone on to sell other written work, including novels and works of non-fiction.  To learn more about Sandra and her work, feel free to visit: .

 Are there other writing courses, besides card writing, that are available?

Absolutely!  Currently, Sandra offers courses in writing book reviews, writing quizzes and a very unique, untapped genre—eulogy writing.  Book reviews and quizzes are each offered individually as either a one-session seminar or as a 4-week course.  Writing eulogies is offered solely as a one-session seminar.   Please visit for further course/seminar descriptions.

 Will there be any additional courses in the future?

Sandra is currently working on a 4-week course, entitled “Mystery Shopping for Writers.”  In her usual straightforward, down-to-earth style, she’ll confront the myths of Mystery Shopping, the scams and the pitfalls...and then will give you the scoop on the good companies, the good shops and how your writing skill will elevate you to getting the best jobs, including overnight hotel stays, amusement park evaluations and eating in “good restaurants.” How is mystery shopping a natural fit for writers?  Find out from someone who has done over 600 mystery shopping jobs from fast foods to airports to dieting centers...and is still going uncover today!

 Future planned courses include: Writing a writer’s résumé, Slash & Burn: Cutting away the fat from your work, and Easy as Falling Off a Blog: How it can help—and hurt—your writing.

 Sandra Miller-Louden has been interviewed in, among others:

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