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£ Write Well & Sell:  Greeting Cards @ $21.00 each        Total: __________

      Sandra Louden’s definitive book on greeting card writing, now in its 5th printing!


After many months (and emails) past the May deadline, Sandra finally has news about the next edition of her best-selling book on Greeting Card Writing.  Please click here and you'll be redirected to an Information Page.  Feel free to email Sandra: ( if you have further questions or comments.


£ A Few, Choice Words: @ $16.00 each                             Total: __________

Short, "Do-Able" Writing That Sells

   Sandra Louden’s in-depth look at unusual writing in its Revised 2nd Edition!!!


 S&H (U.S.) $6.00 (USPS PRIORITY)

(Ordering more than 1 book? Add $2 for each additional book, $1 for each booklet)




$7.50 (Unless otherwise noted)

Now Available 

        £         NEW 2nd EDITION! Book Reviews That Rock!                    Total: __________

                                                      Soft-cover field guide gives tools to break into writing book reviews.

£       I’m Takin’ NamesA Writer’s Guide to Mystery Shopping   Total: __________

                                                        A unique field guide giving the inside scoop on mystery shopping.

£       Creative Calling Cards—Résumés/Bio Blurbs                   Total: __________

                             Résumés that get respect...AND results. Also an overlooked tool...the Bio Blurb.

 £           Cover vs. Query Letters—Allies in Getting Published         Total: __________

What should a good cover letter include—and not include?  What kinds of query    letters pique an editor’s curiosity—and land an assignment!?  It’s all “covered” here!

   £      7  Steps To Take BEFORE Starting A Greeting Card Company

                       This guide will save you time & money as you begin your own card company.

($14.95) _________


S&H (U.S.) : $3.50 (USPS 1st Class, if ONLY ordering booklets)

(Ordering more than 1 booklet? Add $1.20 for each additional booklet)




$4.00 Each

£Life In The Writing Lane 11x14” heavy card stock on aged parchment   (Total: __________)

£Realities of Moms Who Write 11x14” heavy card stock on subtle pink  (Total: __________)


S&H (U.S.) : $2.75 (USPS 1st Class, if ONLY ordering posters)

(Ordering more than 1 poster?  Add 50 cents for each additional poster)


PA Residents, Add 6% Somerset County Sales Tax

CANADIAN SHIPPING--$11.00 TOTAL (3 Items or Fewer)

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES--$16.00 TOTAL (3 Items or Fewer)CA


If you want any of your products personally signed, please provide a separate note, with the name to be inscribed PRINTED NEATLY.

 Checks/Money Orders payable to: Sandra Miller-Louden

Sandra Miller-Louden ♫  P.O. Box 485 ♫ Grantsville, MD  21536

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   S&H (+PA Tax, If Required)              $________________    

  TOTAL ENCLOSED---------------------- $________________

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Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards: (5th Printing) 

bullet Sandra Miller Louden's first book has become a classic in learning the nuts and bolts of writing for today's greeting card industry!  Now in its 5th printing, Sandra's warm, inviting language tells readers, "You can do this and I'm here to help you!"  She lets readers, established writers, and potential writers in on many of the secrets from her successful 22 years in the industry, giving them tips, secrets and the realities only learned by someone who started from scratch, with no contacts anywhere in the card industry. Although you'll find this book on ebay and the dot com bookstores four times the cost, Sandra keeps it affordable through this site. 

Dear Sandra,
I just received your book today and have read about 30 pages. It's so funny how a book about writing greeting cards can be such a page turner! If I read as much of it as I am dying to, I will be up all night until I'm done. It is encouraging to know that you only had 15 minutes or so a day when you first started, because I work full time and have other commitments, too. 
Thank you.  I think you're wonderful already and I haven't even finished your first book.

Vicki Confrey

Rolling Hills Estates, CA  (7/29/05)

Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards by Sandra Louden is a "reference manual" for anyone interested in getting started in this business. The book is extremely thorough, covering every topic from knowing your market, to setting up your office, to writing and submitting your ideas. Sandra writes in a conversational style that makes you feel as though she is speaking only to you (yet she has started many readers on the road to greeting card writing success). I was surprised that she would want to share her "secret" for succeeding in the business, yet she takes great pride in fostering and then nurturing her students... From my own experience, I know that she does indeed "walk the talk" as I have corresponded with her on many occasions. This is one book that does not collect dust on my bookshelf. I directly attribute my own success in selling verse to Sandra's ideas and advice!" Robin (McKees Rocks, PA)

Hello, Sandra.

I thought I would drop you a note to let you know that I think I've sold my first verse.  It's a humorous birthday that has made to the pre-view process. They've asked for more humorous birthday. Thanks for all your guidance. Sherry (Maryville, MO)

"This is not just a quick read that will give you a few tips. It's a workbook, with plenty of exercises to open up your thinking, show you how to recognize good greeting-card copy and find ideas to get you started.... [Sandra] also generously offers to answer any questions." Roxianne Moore (

"Thank you so much for your helpful, informative book. I have really enjoyed reading it and am excited about the possibility of writing a greeting card. I also found your "exercises" quite helpful. Lori (Lutherville, MD)     


A Few Choice Words: Short, "Do-Able" Writing That Sells (1st Edition)



In this book, Sandra Miller Louden charts the oft-forgotten, yet PROFITABLE waters of writing eulogies, quizzes, and other miscellaneous genres! With her usual charm and easy-to-follow  guidance, she offers a multitude of USEFUL information.

"[A Few, Choice Words is] a great book and I've read it twice so far. Just to soak up the knowledge. I'm looking forward to buying the card package when you have it finished."                Sharon (Moberly, MO) 

"This is a clear, well-written guide to many genres that are ignored by beginning and experienced writers. For busy mothers or harried moonlighters, one or more of Louden's mini-genres may be just what is needed to provide a steady income and a strong sense of satisfaction."                  Roxianne Moore  (

"I saw you briefly on the John Walsh TV show recently and wrote your name down immediately. I find your work to be quite exciting, unique and so needed." Peggy (Taftville, CT)


BRAND NEW Fourth NFBB Series Booklet by: Sandra Miller-Louden  

Cover vs. Query Letters:

Allies in the Challenge of Getting Published


For Those “First Impression” Letters That Pitch Your Project And Augment Your Chances To Get The Assignment


Have a terrific idea you just know would work in that high-profile magazine or newspaper?  Well, just as with any idea, you have to pitch—or sell—that idea to an editor before she’ll publish it.  And how do you do that?  Well, whether via email or traditional snail mail, your query letter is your pitch—and your first impression.  Know the art of writing a bang-up query letter that crackles with enthusiasm...and you’re half-way to your goal of snagging the assignment.


What about shorter writing that doesn’t require a query ahead of time?  For this, you’ll still need some sort of introduction—and that’s where a cover letter comes in.  This document literally “covers” your work and as with any well-dressed arrival, it should make an impression, i.e. a good impression!


As a veteran of many cover and query letters for a variety of projects spanning 20 years, Sandra Miller-Louden shares her knowledge in this vital field.  You’ll discover the similarities and differences between the two.  You’ll learn what to emphasize in each and what to exclude.  Teaching by example, Sandra provides specific cover and query letters from her files—letters that were directly responsible for getting her the assignments she wanted.


Besides traditional letters, Sandra also delves into the emailed query and gives specific rules about what to do and what to avoid.  As with all her manuals in the N.F.B.B. Learning Series, you’ll receive targeted assignments—all designed to get you motivated, have you writing and keep you writing.


If the thought of composing a cover letter—or creating a detailed query letter—has you break out in hives, you can put away the Calamine lotion.  Instead, pick up a pen, read Sandra’s newest field guide, Cover Vs. Query Letters and take that important step toward creative fulfillment as you realize your writing goals.




First In The New NFBB Series By: Sandra Miller-Louden

Writing Book Reviews - 2nd Edition

bulletBased on Sandra's years writing book reviews (now in its 2nd edition), this was the first in her No Frills, Bare Bones© Series---concise, affordable field manuals guiding the reader in a no-nonsense approach. Measuring 5 ½" x 8½", this 7,500 word, soft-cover booklet tells you all you need to know to write-and sell-book reviews in today's market.  In addition, Writing Book Reviews contains writing assignments as part of its hands-on approach. Part textbook, part hands-on workbook, Sandra Miller-Louden's affordable guide will walk you through the intricacies of book reviewing.

Second In The New NFBB Series By: Sandra Miller-Louden

I’m Takin’ Names:

A Writer’s Guide To Mystery Shopping


This  booklet was selling before it was even printed!  Sandra’s proud to introduce her newest offering in the No Frills, Bare Bones© Series—concise,  affordable field manuals guiding the reader in a no-nonsense approach on a variety of topics. This 7,500 word, soft-cover booklet introduces the writer to the “covert” field of mystery shopping.  Why are writers natural mystery shoppers?   Just as in writing, mystery shoppers must be observant, tackle assignments accurately, meet deadlines and most important, write succinct, pithy reports based on their experiences.  In fact, the skills a writer brings to mystery shopping places her far above the average person.  If you have a need “for something completely different" and enjoy a bit of  role-playing; if you need to get out from behind your computer occasionally, then mystery shopping is for you.  Imagine getting paid for shopping, eating and staying overnight in a luxurious hotel!   


Part textbook, part hands-on workbook, Sandra Miller-Louden's  affordable guide will walk you through the intricacies of mystery shopping.  Whether you live in a big city or in the middle of a rural wonderland, there are always jobs available for the mystery shopper/writer.  If you’re looking for something that is definitely out of the ordinary, join Sandra in an exciting journey into the world of mystery shopping.


Third In The NFBB Series By: Sandra Miller-Louden

Creative Calling Cards: 

Resumes & Bio Blurbs for Writers

For Résumés That Get Respect...And Give Results!

Bold Bio Blurbs—Let Them Speak To The Reader!


Having trouble compiling that writing résumé so many editors seem to want?  

Feel your credentials aren’t up to par and your résumé will appear too sparse...

sinking your chances of securing that assignment instead of snagging it?!?  

Or maybe you have the opposite problem?  Your credentials and clippings 

are growing...which ones do you include for the best impression

 and which do you leave behind?


Tackling a vastly overlooked writing field (and it is a writing field—one of 

the most important!), Sandra Miller-Louden tells readers why a well-written 

résumé is your most vital tool when approaching someone for an assignment. 

And if you’re a veteran of many traditional résumés, you’ll find out how a 

writing résumé differs from the others you may have put together in the past.


Just as your writing résumé is your “first impression calling card,” your 

biographical blurb—that “about you” sound bite at the end of your story or 

article—is having the last word and in the process, leaving a lasting impression.  

You, the writer, introduce yourself to the reader through your bio blurb, just as 

you would with a handshake and smile—and that handshake had better be firm,

that smile wide, friendly and personal.


Combining two of the most overlooked areas of writing today, Sandra delves 

into the bio blurb and writing résumé in her usual conversational, 

down-to-earth style.  Whether you need to update your résumé or add pizzazz 

to your biographical blurb, Creative Calling Cards: Résumés And Bio Blurbs 

will add a much-needed reference guide to your library.




bullet"Life In The Writing Lane"
By Sandra Miller-Louden

This 11x14" poster printed on heavy card stock (Aged, Parchment Look) contains a pithy set of motivating tenets for you, the writer. It frames to a 16x20" size (yes, we tried it!) and is written in the same down-to-earth, no-nonsense style as Sandra's books. These posters have proven to be popular sellers! Such tenets as:
                                                   So Many Words (470,000);
                                                   So Few Letters (26). Use Them Well.

will serve to remind you why you chose the writing life in the first place and will help KEEP you behind the keyboard.
bullet"Realities Of Moms Who Write"
By Sandra Miller-Louden

This second poster, also on 11x14" heavy card stock, done in a subtle, but cheery Parchment Pink reflects Sandra's pride in her "Mom Roots" as well as the realities of writing at home with children. Such unpretentious maxims as:
  "It will take you twice as long when writing an absence excuse, as you come up with five synonyms for the word "sick."
will give you a guiding beacon as you traverse the bumps and curves of being a Mom Who Writes.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive of Sandra's writings. Please remember she still reads and answers each letter and e-mail personally and appreciates your patience.


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