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Sandra And John Walsh (October 2002)
John Walsh has been one of my personal heroes for a long time.  So I felt a mixture of excitement-and trepidation-when I was introduced to him.  What if, over the years, he had become more of "a star" than someone dedicated to justice and righting wrongs?

My fears were put to rest immediately.  John Walsh is a kind man and a very gracious host.  He put all of us at ease right off the bat and during the breaks in taping, made it a point to talk to each of us in a gently teasing way.

It's very gratifying to meet someone you've admired over the years and find that your admiration has been well placed.
Work-at-home Moms on John Walsh Show
Moms Who Made It Happen (October 2002)
I've received a ton of e-mail over my appearance on The John Walsh Show.  People tell me they've been inspired and motivated to finally put their dreams in action; yet it was I who drew inspiration and encouragement from each of these women with whom I had the privilege to share a stage.

Not only were these women fun to talk to, but they were genuinely interested in what the other's business area was.  I'll let you in on a little secret too-there were three of us who needed glasses (we couldn't wear them on stage due to the glare) and were myopic as bats.  The last 50 feet to get to a sound stage is a hodgepodge of cables, ropes and other assorted barriers duct taped to the floor; you go from brightly lit areas to murky shadows within seconds-all potential disasters.  As we made our way through the maze, we lightly held onto each other, with whispered encouragement.  " cord careful.  Step up...stage is on the right."

That, in itself, is one of my fondest memories...

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