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Enroll in an Online Course!

Although some online classes use open forums, lecture and cyberspace classroom settings, Sandra Louden’s classes are taught using simple emails.  Using a predetermined sending schedule (most commonly once a week), Sandra sends each student a set of lessons, with homework.  The student has that week to complete the assignments and send them back to Sandra, via email, for feedback and commentary.  This is a unique, one-on-one personal interaction between teacher and student.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!

Verse Critiquing & Restoration Service

Verse critiquing is a service provided for anyone who wants to write greeting cards. It also applies to any product that relies on words—both  serious or humorous—to help sell.  These products include Post-ItÔ Notes, mugs, napkins, bookmarks, plaques, T-shirts and key rings, to name a few.  Critiquing and restoring verses to their true potential enhances their chance to be sold and printed. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Manuscript Evaluation & Critiquing Service

Manuscript Evaluation & Critiquing Service (MECS) provides people who write with needed professional feedback on their non-greeting card writing work.  MECS includes not only an overall evaluation of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses for today’s market, but also specific, targeted comments.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Greeting Card Mentoring

Greeting card mentoring is Sandra Miller-Louden’s newest addition to her already popular Verse Critiquing & Restoration Service (greeting card verses) and Manuscript Evaluation/Critiquing Service (MECS) (longer writing works).  Sandra’s contribution to the greeting card verse field goes beyond the writing of actual verses to include specific advice and coaching in this unique writing genre.  The creation of a greeting card mentoring service serves as a keystone to merge various elements of ongoing, practical knowledge in this field and provide the aspiring writer with the tools to augment her verse sales. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

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