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You want to write greeting cards, but you're scared.  
What if you fail?  What if "they" hate your stuff?  
What if "everyone" laughs at your efforts?  
What if your writing is just no good?  
How do you get the courage to take that first step? 
Read what some of my past students have had to say: 

Although not a greeting card student, read what one of Sandra's former students had to say about a class based on content from Sandra's second book, A Few Choice Words: Short "Do-Able" Writing That Sells.
"I attended a class you taught on April 13, 2003...notes from your class suggested:  Jot down mini perceptions, use for the core, then build a story around those perceptions.  The piece the [Pittsburgh] Post-Gazette published in "Life Support" on February 19 [2006] "A Moment on the Road between Here and There" stands to prove your advice to be good!...As I continue to employ imagination, discipline and tenacity to take my writing to the next level, I think of you often."


Lell Wood
Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania  (March 2006)
To read Lell's excellent piece, click here: 
"Thanks so much!!! You gave me the motivation to get started and the positive reinforcement to keep me plugging away! I just received $150 and am expecting another assignment next month. Again, all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Its wonderful to get paid for having fun."

(Robin, January 28, 2002)

"As for myself, I'm a bit on cloud nine.   Gibson bought my 'thank you' 
card...  Once again a 'thank you' for sharing your knowledge and expertise 
with someone who has always wanted to do this type of writing." 
(Tom, June 21, 1992) 

"As a student in your Fall 1994 class...I am writing to inform you that I 
sold my first greeting card idea, a Christmas caption, to Oatmeal Studios, 
just two weeks after the class ended.  Your class was organized and 
informative, as well as exciting and enjoyable."  (Judith, November 16, 1994) 
"Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the new career your class 
has given me.  Today I received a check, worth several hundred dollars, from 
a software company that bought ten of my captions.  I have been looking for 
my niche in life and I have found it because of your generosity."  
(Mary Jo, May 2, 1995) 

"A former student here just wanting to let you know I have started my own 
greeting card company.  I owe you a huge thanks for starting me on this 
(Bev, July 19, 1995) 

"I had to write you...Today I received a call from Renaissance Greeting Cards 
informing me they wish to purchase three of my captions.  I was especially 
thrilled since this was my first submission to their company...I'm amazed to 
think you learned on your own much of the material you now cover in class.   
Thanks...for enabling me to jump "head first" into the business.  I'm having 
great fun!"  (Darlene, November 1, 1996) 

"I've been meaning to send you a note for some time...your class has been 
instrumental in my being published by Palm Press, Avanti, Argus, Renaissance, 
Oatmeal and several others.  It has enabled me to "get serious" about my 
writing.  Thanks for your guidance."  
(Shirl, March 25, 1997) 

"I wanted to update you on my greeting card career.  So far I've sold 8 
cards, all of them to Paper Magic for their boxes of Christmas cards.  I sold 
my first two cards within a week of the end of your CCAC class.  Thanks for 
all your help, but particularly for requiring us to send out our first 
batches while we were still in class.  It was just the kick in the bottom I 
needed to get started! 
 (Barbara, April 8, 2000) 

These, and others, are all people just like you...they loved writing and had 
an overwhelming desire to get paid for their writing.  They weren't 
previously on staff at any major greeting card company nor did they have any 
"insider knowledge" from prior greeting card contacts.  Their writing talent 
paved their way for them.  I have every confidence that yours can too. 


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