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April 14, 2009


As I check my post office box one dreary winter day, there’s a note card wedged between book orders and other paraphernalia the box seems to collect.  Instinctively turning it over to see who it’s from, I find there is no return address.  Being inclined toward the dramatic, I immediately think hate mail—although I ask you, who could really hate a greeting card writer?!

Of course, once again, my histrionic side is proven wrong.  Instead, a mature handwriting meets my eyes, as it starts out:  “Dear Sandra—I found your website & wanted to thank you.”  It went on to note that my encouragement for greeting card writing gave her hope and inspiration and that “since my husband’s untimely death, I have looked for an activity with purpose.”  She observed that “being involved with church, work friends and family is good, but you gave me motivation for true expression...”  She thanked me once again and ended as follows:  “You’ve touched one life here and made a difference.”  It was signed simply:  “From a Grateful Heart.”

 I would have answered this note, but of course, that’s not what the writer wanted.  Her words were simple, heartfelt and touching.  If she ever reads this, I’d like to tell her she will be a fine greeting card writer because she has the great gift of heart.  And from her words and her “grateful heart,” mine was touched deeply. 

 My wish would be that everyone in a lifetime would receive such a fine note.

 Sam from West Monroe, Louisiana was a different story.  A youthful printing with uneven spacing, done in pencil (with a P.S. apology due to a cast on his hand),  Sam went on to relate that in case I wondered why he was writing, he had to do research on unusual jobs and he came across my website.  He ended by thanking me profusely as follows:  “Thank you so much for having it up; it saved my grade.”

 Well, Sam, I still plan to answer your note, but if you happen to re-stumble across my site and read this, I’d like you to know I’m very pleased my website and I saved your grade and if I’d live closer to Louisiana, I’d visit your classroom and talk to everyone about greeting card writing.  I’ve done in-school classroom visits on Career Days and students are one of my favorite groups to talk to—they’re so full of energy and creativity, it just bubbles over.

 To both Sam in West Monroe LA and Grateful Heart in Atlanta GA, I thank you.  I truly thank you for taking the time to write and letting me know that the work I do has touched you and helped you and, last but not least...saved your grade.

 And that’s my Word For Word.

 Here it is April already.  Easter cards have all been sent and now we’re gearing up for Mother’s Day—the second biggest seasonal card-sending occasion of the year.  A greeting card at Mother’s Day is as much a tradition as hanging our stockings at Christmas.

And of course that which makes a greeting card something we want to send are its words.  Yes, the lovely drawing, the eye-catching photo have you pick the card from the rack.  But if the words are not right, back that card will go on the rack, in favor of one with words that speak for the sender.  You may settle on the visual; but you won’t settle on the words.  I sometimes receive complaining mail about not having cards out there that “speak” to individual situations (Not my fault, folks.  I only write for the companies; I don’t own them).   However, no one ever writes grousing that the artwork just isn’t working on the card.  And as I’m quick to point out, while my words won’t sell on a yellow legal pad, the most beautifully drawn or photographed visuals won’t sell the card if the words are inappropriate or “wrong.”

 My love for greeting card writing has now morphed into something exciting as you may have seen on the home page.  Yes, is sponsoring Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day for September 18th (which coincidentally happens to be my birthday).  Please read all about it on the special page we’ve set up AND if you know of any publication near you that might be interested, please let us know so we can submit a press release.  I’m excited about this new “day” which is so appropriate since a greeting card writer’s words are present at all significant days in our lives throughout the calendar year.  I hope you’ll help us make this a success and the first of a terrific annual tradition.

 I do not yet know the exact publication date of my upcoming book and I appreciate all the supportive emails I’ve received.  When I learn anything new, you’ll find out as well.

 Here’s to an April that will soon become May and whenever I think of May, I think of the catchy, boisterous song from the musical “Camelot.”  I don’t recommend totally “throwing self-control away...”  but a “frivolous whim” or two?!? 


 See you next month!






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